, Louisiana
Louisiana Superdome
August 15th - 18th 1988

Presidential Nominee:
George H. W. Bush of Texas
Vice Presidential Nominee:
Dan Quayle of Indiana
The Republican National Convention of 1988 was held in New Oreleans, Louisiana at the Louisiana Superdome. Now known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the venue is best remembered today for having been used as an emergency shelter for thousands of people whose homes were destroyed by the effects of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The stadium itself was heavily damaged by the storm, and has undergone extensive repairs. It has a seating capacity of approximately 75,000 and is home to the New Orleans Saints football team. It also hosts the Sugar Bowl and New Orleans Bowl games.

Speakers at the Convention included “700 Club” host and Christian evangelist Pat Robertson, future Republican presidential contenders Bob Dole (and his wife Elizabeth) and John McCain, and former President Gerald Ford. Incumbent outgoing President Ronald Reagan also delivered a speech.

The Convention nominated then-Vice President George H.W. Bush (father of future President George W Bush) unopposed. It was during Bush's acceptance speech that he made his famous “read my lips” pledge against introducing new taxes, a promise that was publicized at the time and gave him a helpful boost in the polls going into the general election, and whose breaking contributed heavily to denying him a second term in 1992. Dan Quayle was named Bush's running mate, but as many Republicans were opposed to his candidacy on the ticket, the unprecedented step was taken to ratify his nomination by voice vote.

Bush and Quayle would face Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts and Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas as the Democratic nominees for President and Vice President, respectively. Enjoying the benefits of a well-run campaign and lingering good will towards sitting Republican President Ronald Reagan, the Bush/Quayle ticket would prevail in a massive landslide (in both the popular vote and electoral college) that has not been equaled or surpassed since.


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